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Air Filtration

We don’t just need “air” to survive – we need clean and pure air, just as much as we need clean water and food. Sadly, this is one aspect that not most homeowners are able to recognize. It is perhaps understandable that since most air pollutants aren’t exactly visible, most of us do not see the importance of a good air filtration system. That’s why we’re here. We want you to know that air filtration is one feature of AC installation that should be given high regard, too.
It’s not expensive! – Contrary to what most homeowners might think, air cleaner and air filtration systems are actually very cost-effective. Depending on your home needs, we, at Baytown HVAC can offer you a whole lot of options so you can finally improve the quality of air in you home, and the quality of your live in the process. 

Are you suffering from allergies? – Or it could be any of your family members who’s been plagued with asthma and all sorts of allergens. These pesky allergens are usually air-borne and are triggered by dirty air in your home. If you’re suffering from allergic rhinitis for instance, bouts of sneezing are not only irritating, they’re considered health hazards, too. Most medicines associated with improving allergy condition will leave you feeling dizzy and sleepy all the time. Why don’t we take a look into your air filtration system first? We believe we can help you improve your health. 

Air Filtration​
Baytown Air Filtration​

Baytown Air Filtration

What affects the air filter lifespan? Basically, usage comes first on the list. If you’ve been using the AC only for a few hours each day, you may not need to change the filter for a year or so. Of course, constant usage would mean changing it at least every few weeks in order to maintain air quality within your home. The presence of poor air quality within or outside your home also means that you may need to change the air filter sooner than later. The size of your house is also something that needs to be considered. Smaller houses require lesser AC/heater usage, so you won’t have to replace the air filter quite as frequently.  

If you’ve got questions and issues about your air filtration system, you know you’ve got Baytown HVAC to back you up. Just give us a call and we’ll gladly assist you.

Air Filters, Furnace Filters, and AC Filters

A lot of people are actually asking about AC, HVAC, and furnace filters? How are these three filters different from one another? How do they work? What are these for? HVAC filter, AC filter, furnace filter – whatever they may be called – they’re typically the same air filter. 

So, what’s an air filter? Air filters are responsible for filtering out various allergens like pollen, mites, pet dander, and dust, that could circulate throughout your indoor air and harm your health in the process. As your defense line against allergens and other harmful air contaminants, the air filter should be kept in order and changed at least every few weeks, depending on your usage. 

All air within your home basically goes through the air filter first and when it catches all sorts of stuff, it becomes denser and thicker, and will most likely have trouble working as efficiently as it’s supposed to. Regular replacement is the key for a more effective AC system. Basically, the ideal timeline is every three months, depending on factors like the size of your home or the weight of usage. The air filter forms part of the entire air conditioning system of your home, and it’s definitely one aspect that you should never miss. 

Is there a rating system for filters​

Is there a rating system for filters?

There actually is, and it’s referred to as the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or simply put, MERV. The MERV is a standard that gauges the efficiency and effectiveness of filters. If your air filter has a higher MERV value, it means that it has finer filtration, capable of capturing almost all airborne particles that may contaminate the air. 

What do you get with an air filter?

Definitely a lot. Air filters readily provide your home clean and fresh air, keeping you safe from various contaminants and allergens through efficient filtering technology. 

There’s no standard size for an air filter so it’s always better if you get the assistance of an HVAC professional like Baytown HVAC who has the experience and expertise to identify what your home requires. Need air filter replacement? Call Baytown HVAC now and we’ll discuss your needs right away.

Whole House Air Purifier

Clean air can improve not only the quality of air within your home but your whole life in the process, too. While most HVAC systems are equipped with an accompanying air filtration device, there are some that cannot efficiently do the job of ridding the air from airborne contaminants and pollutants. Aside from the HVAC system’s air filtration device, it’s always beneficial to have other sources of air purifiers inside your home. There are basically a lot of air purifiers out there, but with Baytown HVAC on your side, we can show you what your home truly needs. 

What is a whole house purifier? 

A whole house purifier is a type of air purifier that effectively cleans the air across all rooms within a particular. It’s different from a portable purifier that only works to clean the air in a single room at a given time. To ensure that all rooms get fresh air, a whole house purifier basically uses your home’s air duct system. 

How does a whole house purifier work? 

Attached to the HVAC system, the whole house purifier ensures that there is fresh air within your home by cleaning the air that comes out of the HVAC, and before it is released from the air duct. However, there are also purifiers that are stand-alone devices and work just the same. Depending on the set up of your home, the whole house air purifier can be placed in the basement, attic, ceiling, or on the roof. 

Indoor air quality is essential in any home, especially when you have little children whose health should be your top priority. If you’re wondering why you and your family are still having constant bouts of sneezing and coughing, even when you’re staying indoors, then it’s time to think about a whole house purifier. Remember that allergens and all sorts of air pollutants are just lurking somewhere within the confines of your home.
With Baytown HVAC, we can provide you excellent workmanship for whole-house purifier installation within a very competitive price range. Allow us to help you get clean and fresh air for your family now. Call Baytown HVAC and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Whole House Air Purifier​
Air Filtration
HVAC Baytown TX

Whole House Air Filtration

Now that many homeowners have finally acknowledged the need for clean air even within the home, whole house air filtration systems have become popular in the area. With air pollutants like dust and pollen around, adding a filter system into your HVAC is a very feasible and excellent solution for your health woes, more so now than ever. 

Have you been sneezing a lot lately? Are you getting allergies from time to time? It could be caused by something rather than what you just ate. The air you breathe may have been overtaken by mites, pet dander, and dust, and they could be the ones responsible for your allergies. A whole house filtration system is your best bet to finally eliminate these allergens from your home once and for all. Our team at Baytown HVAC will help you look for the best air purifier for your home without emptying your pockets. With our powerful whole house air filtration systems, we can create a comfortable environment for you and your family.

What are the benefits of whole house air filtration?

Whole house air filters actually help extend the life of your HVAC system by decreasing the presence of stubborn air pollutants and eventually allowing the HVAC system to efficiently and effectively perform better.


Whole house air filters can cover your entire home, so you are assured that you can breathe in fresh and clean air whatever part of the house you may be. Portable air filters, on the other hand, can only provide clean air to a maximum of two rooms. 



Whole house air filters allow homeowners to enjoy clean indoor air without the hazard of possible air pollutants like dust mites and pet dander, which have been plaguing them for years on end. Ordinary air filters can only work to seize a small amount of air pollutants, unlike whole house air filters that can do so much more. 



Baytown HVAC

Are you thinking about getting a whole house filtration system? We can help you determine what your home and your family really need. Call Baytown HVAC and we’ll share more information about this system’s numerous benefits.

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